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Therapy for TEENS

Creative Arts Therapy 

I know being a teen is not easy, and I know that sometimes it is hard to know what your are feeling and why. Individual therapy for youth allows for increased self awareness in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.


This is the phase in your life where you are creating autonomy and re-defining your identity. Through the use of body based resources, experiential exercises, art therapy, mindfulness and collaboration, you will walk away with more insight into your internal landscape, allowing for more choice and confidence. 


Your emotions and reactions in this relationship provide me with the information necessary to begin to understand your experiences in the world. I want to know what it is like to be you, what your needs are and how, together, we can find new ways to help you express the inexpressible. You already know who you are, let's provide you with tools to grow deeper into YOU  

"I don't think anyone can grow unless they're loved exactly as they are now, appreciated for what they are rather than what they will be."
-Fred Rogers

Urban Footwear

Areas of Focus

Self Esteem







Emotional Regulation/ Affect Tolerance

Relational Challenges


Sense of self

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