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Art Therapy

The creative and symbolic nature of art making invites a new experience of self-expression, self-awareness, insight and perception, and a different mode of communication. Image gives voice to experience that verbal articulation cannot always offer. In utilizing art therapy, one will begin to create a visual language of their own. The image can serve as teacher, voice and container for clients as they explore the internal landscape of their experience. As the client shares images of their reality, it creates a bridge of contact between therapist and client. This bridge permits a therapist to enter the clients world, thus allowing the client to be deeply seen and held in their experience.


















I have always believed creativity is one of many direct links to our innate essence and life force. I have seen this to be proven true in much of my work with groups and individuals. It is a potent and liberating part of the therapeutic process. While I am excited to bring in the creative approach into session, most individuals prefer talk therapy over utilizing art. I will always meet you where you are at and honor your process. If art is not a part of that, this is perfectly okay. However, I welcome creativity and am excited to bring it into session through various mediums! 


Within each of us is a secret garden: a place where our true self exists…Whatever grows in the garden, it is all part of being human. It is all material that can be used in the creative process.
Natalie Rogers 

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