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Individual Counseling

For adults navigating depression, anxiety complex trauma and relational challenges 


Sometimes, you're tough on yourself, become irritable or withdrawn. Other times, a desire for connection conflicts with a wish to retreat. Maybe you crave connection while simultaneously feeling apprehensive about vulnerability. Acknowledging these feelings is an important step toward understanding and navigating them. It's okay to feel both the longing for connection and the hesitation—it's all part of the complex tapestry of human emotions. But you don't have to face this alone. I'll guide you toward confidence and transformation, breaking free from old patterns and beliefs.

Your therapy journey with me centers on honoring  your entire being. We delve into the innate wisdom within you, focusing on the present moment, fostering connection, and nurturing an organic process. This approach respects your experiences and aims to create a therapeutic environment that embraces your unique path to healing. This process leads to enriching relationships, empowerment, and improved well-being. 

I approach therapy by integrating creativity and relational presence, incorporating mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, and a drawing on the wisdom of body. Our interaction offers insight into your world. Together, we won't stop discomfort from happening; instead, we'll uncover your resilience within it. How? By embracing complexities in a safe, compassionate space. It's about welcoming your unique humanity—a challenging yet rewarding journey that fosters deep self-recognition. 

" The only way out, is through" -Robert Frost 

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Areas OF focus





Complex Trauma

Attachment wounds


Relational challenges

Self Expression

Grief and Loss

Life Transition

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