Individual Counseling

" The only way out, is through" -Robert Frost 

Individual Counseling ​

Sometimes you're really hard on yourself, feel irritable or resentful. Other times, you might feel frozen, want to hide or feel criticized. Navigating this world is challenging and at times overwhelming.You don't have to be your own lifeguard or explore this alone. I will support you in the process of feeling more confident and transforming beyond old patterns, stories and beliefs.


I work creativelyrelationally and experientially with clients utilizing art therapy, mindfulness, somatic resources, a transpersonal lens and other modalities. Working in the present moment with the dynamic between you and me offers information as to how you experience the world.  Our work together is not to stop the feeling and discomfort from happening, but rather find your resilience in the discomfort. How? By staying with it, being in a safe space, staying curious together and watching what happens when it moves. It is a practice of owning your wild humanness.  It is challenging yet profound work that allows you to feel deeply seen by both self and other. This process results in more satisfying relationships, choice, and empowerment. 

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Areas I work with





Complex Trauma


Relational challenges

Boundary work 

Inner Child Work (re-parenting)

Self Expression

Shame and the inner critic

Disconnection with the body

Grief and Loss